TvOS 16 and OpenHAB 3.3.0

openHAB 3.3.0 - Release Build

I have this version and I have a TvOS 16. I follow these steps to add the OpenHAB to Homekit.

The error says something like “Accessory does not comply with the standards”.

Help is welcome!

hi Rob
was it working before?
have many homekit accessories you have in openhab? can you try with one accessory first? something simple like light or switch

Hi Eugen,
is the homekit binding iOS 16 ready? Is it safe to upgrade my devices? I don’t want to setup everything again, it is working perfectly for me at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi Dirk,

i have not tested it with iOS 16. im afraid to upgrade to a beta iOS - homekit is used too much at home.
but i have not seen any real news about changes in HomeKit protocol, which is bad and good at the same time.


They all used to work. Then after update to tvOS16 things stopped working.

I am afraid that there are massive changes. Eg an iPad is no longer supported as a home hub.
Hopefully iOS 16 doesn’t break the homekit bridge for openhab.

Alongside these releases, the Home app will introduce a new architecture for an even more
efficient and reliable experience. Since the iPad is no longer supported as a home hub
with the new architecture, users who use the iPad for this purpose do not have to
update the home architecture and can continue to use all existing functions.

Maybe these changes are the reason why the tvOS16 can’t add the accessory ?

right, there is also this new protocol matter.

i keep checking all the time the homebridge, NodeJS HAP and apple HomekitSDK (GitHub - apple/HomeKitADK) communities.
there were few reports about issues with iOS16 but in most of cases they were gone just after restart of ios device and homebridge.
as of now, there are no changes in these open source implementation of HomeKit

let see.

Ok, I will dare to update my devices when the GM was released.
Fingers crossed that I won’t regret it :sweat_smile:

I followed the steps again for unpairing the HomeKit. I think I forgot to remove the JSON file the previous time. Now everything is working like a charm.

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Thanks for your help

I can say that homekit/openhab is working perfectly with iOS16 and TVOS16. :slight_smile:

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yep, just tested as well. it works as expected.
but im not sure about new design. missing the room navigation with swipe left-right. probably just need to get used to new design.

Something has happened to either openhab or apple homekit. All devices have said they are unreachable from both the iOS Home App and MacBook Home app. This means that for me OpenHab’s Homekit integration does not react anymore. I decided to unpair, and pair again.

So I removed the bridge form the Home App. Unpaired Homekit, cleaned the cache and removed the json file. After this a reboot.

The Home App now tells me pairing is impossble due to ‘Accessory does not comply to the standards’.

I’m stuck now. Please help me out.

there must be an accessory that home app does not like.

there is no easy way to find out which one it is. only try & error approach. try to remove homekit tag from some complex accessories, e.g. Hue lamps or thermostat, and try again. or remove all besides of one simple switch.
after pairing you can add them back. usually only the initial pairing makes issues.

and please let us know which one it was so that we can fix it.

:slight_smile: I have fiftyfive items, most of these are lightbulbs, temperature sensors, motion sensors and a couple of switches.

I’ll give it a go and report back.

I removed all the metadata using the following script:

  forEach((item,index) => {
    metadata = item.getMetadataValue('homekit')
    if (metadata) {

After this I paired Home again and it worked.

Now I’ll start adding items per type back one by one.

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I have reassigned all Homekit metadata to the lightbulbs and temperature sensors. So far it is still working.

cool script. thanks for sharing.

yes, this is interesting part. the checks home app does on initial pairing are different to checks for additional accessories.

i have observed as well - if pairing fails then removing all but simple switch, pairing and adding all accessories after pairing works.