tvOS/audioOS 16.3 update (with new homekit architecture) again breaks openHAB support

Hi fellow openHAB users, hi @yfre,

I know I should not update on the first day, but I could not resist and did the HomePod/AppleTV 16.3 update right after it was released.

I’m using openHab 3.4.1 which restored functionality after I did the “new architecture” update of 16.2, but now I’m in the same situation again:
After several seconds of “Aktualisieren” (“updating”? I do not know how this is labeled in english), I get “Keine Antwort” (“no response”).

I tried restarting all AppleTVs and homePods, restarted the homekit bundle, but no success.

I’ll attach the debug log outputs of a bundle restart, hope this helps.
homekit_bundle_restart.txt (71.9 KB)

Thanks for your help!

it looks like another nice fix from Apple.
it is not clear from the log what exactly happening but for some reason openHAB cannot find the pairing information anymore
see last raw:
Unknown user: 805F739A-9902-41EA-815C-45B77AD8F0C6

maybe new update has requested to deleted or maybe the user (device id) has changed.
the pairing information is stored in homekit.json
could you please check

  • whether you have an user entry in your homekit.json (in my setup it is under “/var/lib/openhab/jsondb/homekit.json” )
  • whether you have an entry for the user above in the homekit.json backups (e.g. search for AD9F0C5 in /var/lib/openhab/jsondb/backup)

@ccutrer any ideas how to troubleshoot this better?

Thanks @yfre for the reply.

I do not have such a user either in my current configuration or in the backups.
I observed an “Unknown user” log entry when I still was on iOS 16.2, but everything worked so I did not care.

abbe@nas:/volume1/docker/openhab/userdata/jsondb$ find . -name "*homekit.json" -print0 | xargs -0 grep "user_"
./homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {
./backup/1674251940079--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e018C5E73A-83C4-4D7F-85ED-05469DD3A203": {
./backup/1674251940079--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./backup/1674251940079--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {
./backup/1674254210748--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e018C5E73A-83C4-4D7F-85ED-05469DD3A203": {
./backup/1674254210748--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./backup/1674254210748--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {
./backup/1674255778677--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e018C5E73A-83C4-4D7F-85ED-05469DD3A203": {
./backup/1674255778677--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./backup/1674255778677--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {
./backup/1674256757930--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./backup/1674256757930--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {
./backup/1674585810813--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e09515DF4F-F0C2-4A51-B0CA-DFA0AB6A67DB": {
./backup/1674585810813--homekit.json:  "user_56:6e:29:70:56:e0EC2475AB-BE03-4D56-B2C9-FF9F18B13AD7": {

Do you think doing a fresh start (remove users from homekit.json and the openHAB bridge from my Home app - then re-add it) could fix the issue?

Am I the only one with issues on 16.3?

Thanks again!

I’ve not had any issues with 16.3, and I’ve been running it since shortly after all the issues with 16.2 in hopes of catching things early for people. Guess that didn’t work :(.

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Thanks @ccutrer for the sacrifice! :smile:

Seems like there wasn’t any change yet?

Heh, it’s partially selfish. Ever since updating to the new architecture in 16.2, it’s almost impossible for me to update anything in the Home app, like renaming an accessory or changing its icon. I’ve been obsessively updating to betas in hopes that they’ve fixed that ;).

So to understand correctly @ccutrer:
You’re in the same boat as me, iOS/tvOS/audioOS 16.3 with previously enabled “new architecture”, but your setup is working?
Then I should probably try to re-pair my Apple devices with openHAB…

That’s correct. My phone and Apple TVs are on 16.3. I’m on the new architecture. Everything is working except in the Home app editing any accessory is a crapshoot on if the edit will “stick”.