TwinCAT HMI and openHAB (ServerExtension and Framework Controls)

I started to weave TwinCAT HMI and openHAB to allow the use of the whole Beckhoff functionalities (OPC UA, EventLogger, Scope, Image processing, Machine Learning, etc.pp).

Currently I have a base variant which I use in my home automation. Most devices are connected to openHAB (e.g. Homematic, Shelly, MQTT, and some other) some other are provided directly via Beckhoff’s TwinCAT. To use both worlds I implemented a TwinCAT HMI Server Extension and some TwinCAT HMI Framework Controls. Everything is provided as NuGet packages and the whole source is provided via Github:

Feel free to give any feedback or state any wishes.

My own home automation HMI looks like this, most of the icons are taken from the classic theme but the whole architecture of the HMI differs totally, e.g. it is HTML5-based, repsonsive and can be extended by JavaScript/TypeScript and as well with a WYSIWYG-editor/-designer.