Twitter Action - doesn't send messages

it seems that I miss a detail.
I’ve found the twitter action quit useful as universal way to send messages to different recipients.
But for now I’m stuck.
So far:

  • created an extra twitter account

  • successful installation:
    TwitterAction has been successfully authenticated > awaiting your Tweets!

  • setup a simple notification rule:

rule "Dispatch Info Notification"
        Item Notification_Proxy_Info received update
        val String msg = Notification_Proxy_Info.state.toString
        LogAction.logInfo("Notification", "Dispatch info to xxx: " + msg)
        sendDirectMessage("xxx", msg) 
  • got the log that the rule is running
    2017-11-01 12:33:39.720 [INFO ] [.smarthome.model.script.Notification] - Dispatch info to xxx: Mahlzeit!

  • nothing happens: no further logs, no tweets at all

It would be nice to hear any ideas…