Two bindings won´t run on synology nas

Hi there,

i try to get two addons run on a synology 214 play nas (Java 8) (penHAB 2.1-004)
(Any other addon like Hue, Tankerkönig, Bosch Indego, Harmony ec. some more. works fine and they all use the same netwwork)

First is openHAB Cloud Connector.
Addon is running, it had all settings and i picked up secret and uuid by ssh to use them on myopenhab. No connection anyway.

Second is Vitotronic Binding
Binding is running, Vitotronic Adapter is connected by WiFi
(And it connects to Vissmann App perfectly)

Any network ping to the adaptor are working.
Adapter ID is set, also IP-Adress and Port 31113 on binding config

But… it looks like openHAB2 had no connection to vitotronic adaptor…
I had no firewall on the way between.

Any hints about that?

PS: I see any network device on lan/wifi by using tcp binding on the same nas
I think it is a problem of openHAB 2.1-004?