Two brand new Aeotec Z-Wave devices to add to the database

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I’ve gotten my hands on two brand new Aeotec’s ZWave devices (zwave_manufacturer 881)

1: the SmartSwitch 7 (zwave_devicetype 257)
2: the AerQ Temperature and Humidity sensor (zwave_devicetype 258)

When I create a thing, Under ThingType it says “Unknown Device” and the OH3 GUI states that "The device is not in the database" recommends I come and mention it here so the details can be added.

Please let me know how I can help.

/var/…/openhab.log has the following relavent warning messages:

For the SmartSwitch 7:

2021-03-02 20:59:16.755 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 10: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0371:0103:0017::1.3

and for the aerQ Temperature & Humidity sensor:

2021-03-02 20:53:23.271 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 9: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0371:0102:0009::1.1
2021-03-02 20:53:23.905 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveVersionCommandClass] - NODE 9: Command Class COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY has version 0!
2021-03-02 20:53:23.947 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveVersionCommandClass] - NODE 9: Command Class COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC has version 0!

The database can be found here.

You can search through it yourself whenever you wish to check for your devices in the most current version. When something is added to the database it does not immediately become available to openHab. First the new version of the database must be exported to the z-wave binding (usually happens approximately weekly) and then your OH instance must be running that newest version of the binding.

So, in fact, according to the database, it looks like only one of your items is missing. Your AerQ looks like it matches the item in the database (type number and version) but this is a very recent addition. That your OH can’t id the device just means that you don’t have the newest z-wave addon. You can either update your entire OH instance to one of the newest builds (not always the easiest or best option depending on your setup) or try the z-wave update script that you can read about here:

There is a Aeotec Smart Switch 7 in the database but it appears that yours has a new type number. The database is community maintained so you can read through the Database user guide on the database site and see how you can contribute your new device information.

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The Database Guide is here.Be sure to open a ticket on that site to get database access.

Wow, thanks! Great information! I just created a ticket!

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I’m pretty new to OpenHAB, I just switched from Domoticz because of Zwave troubles I had. I have exactly the same issue here. I have an Aeotec AërQ (Model ZW009). According to the above documentation it is supported in OH 2. But I’m running OpenHAB 3. I did get the AerQ device op and running by using the 3.1 snapshot. But it’s not running smoothly. I almost regret I bought this sensor. I hope it will be integrated very soon.

If it was supported in OH3 it is supported in OH3, assuming the vendor did not change the device identification information.
You say it is not running smoothly. Please explain further.

You are running an unstable snapshot version instead og f the stable 3.0.1. Snapshots are not expected to be stable for production use.

The sensor is brand new, using a brand new 700 series z-wave chipset. Once some of the growing pains of the brand new devices are are ironed out, it will be great.
Regret? Not me. These 700 series devices seem like game-changers in the sensor world. Basically, nothing else comes close in terms of size and battery life.

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I’ve just purchased one of the Temperature and Humidity sensors and can report that it works really well. No issue with getting is on the network and after a few manual wake up’s, all the end points are reporting as they should.

FYI I’m running OH2.5 at the moment, I plan to migrate of the course of this year.

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