Two design questions for BasicUI and the smartphone app


I’m started to use the openHAB for my automatisations and hope you can help me with two questions about the design.

In BasicUI I have an arrow on the right open a frame with more switches or something like that, like below.


In the smartphone app this is missing. So it not clear witch item is just an item and which is clickable for more.
How can I make this arrow visible in the app?

The second thing is, in BasicUI I have an arrow up and down (created with setpoint), for volume up and down.
Can this also be changed into a plus sign and a minus sign?
And in the app are those up and down buttons replaced bij a selection wheel, how can I get those buttons there?

Why isn’t the app not displaying the information the same way as the BasicUI?
I find this frustrating, because you have to compromise again in how some things work and displayed.

I hope it’s clear what I want and someone can help me.


You can’t. I think they removed it because of the space constraints.

I do not believe so.

Again, I don’t think you can.

Because a phone has a much more contained screen and supports different user actions better than others. In this case, it is more phone user friendly to swipe ones finger to scroll through the numbers than tapping a button.

If it is a make problem you can use BasicUI from the browser on the phone and it will look and act just like it does on your computer.