Two instances possible in Denon binding?


I have two Denon receivers and want to control them both through openHAB. So I simply added two lines in openhab.cfg:

Apparently this doesn’t work but I don’t see any errors in the logs. Is this supposed to be working?


you have to set the IP-Adress, e.g.

I tried with ip addresses before but it doesn’t help. It seems I can only control the last instance I defined in openhab.cfg either way.

Has anybody ever made two instances run in parallel?

Same problem here: Two Maranz receivers, individually they work fine, when configured both at the same time, things don’t work anymore.

Any news on the topic?

I just opened a ticket, see [Denon] Configuration of two instances throws null pointer exception.

Does the binding work with a single 2113 AVR just got my hands on one but can’t setup yet no remote sadly :frowning: