Two Problems with OH3: Hide sidebar when "pages" are activated and "icons" not visible on pages

Is there an option to switch off the sidebar on the left? In screenshots I see some times that it should work, but I can’t finde a option that works for me.
On my 10 "tab, which I hang on the wall as a control unit, that’s a waste of space.

I also don’t see icons that I assign to a function of a widget. Do I have to enter a path there?

I would appreciate any relevant information.

Is this openHAB 2 or 3? The title says OH2 but the thread is tagged OH3.

Sorry, OH3, I have corrected it. Thanks for the hint.

For icons you need oh:“icon name” it tells you just below where you put the icon name

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Since it’s just a control unit, I think you should be able to log in to the UI using a non-administartor user and it won’t show most of those menu Items since a non-administrator cannot change the settings anyway.

In addition to hint to use oh:lightbulb (or is it just oh:light, I don’t remember which) you will want to click the “Show Advanced” checkbox and there is a switch to “Icon uses Item State” or something like that if you want to have dynamic icons.

If you use f7 Icons, there will be an option to set the icon color. You can use a formula to define the color of the icon:

=(items.MyItem.state.toString() === "ON") ? "green" : "gray"

You can also use a formula to select the Icon so over all we have a lot more options that we did for the old openHAB Items. If you need more than just two choices, you can chain the ternary forumla.

=(items.MyItem.state < 25) ? "red" : (items.MyItem.state < 75) ? "orange" : "green"
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Even I was struggling to hide the left bar completely on the ipad safari browser and then realized there probably isn’t an option.
I think it will be a nice feature addition to be able to hide the bar for using as a display UI (as opposed to just having it there without the menu items)


You can always file an issue. But my understanding and expectation is if one is logged in as an administrator, the menus should be shown. You need those menus to administer the installation. If you only want to see the stuff to control your home automation, you should log in as a non-administrator user. That’s kind of the whole point of the role based authentication.


Thanks Adrian, Rich, I now know about the icons, its in the text under the option, but I always skipped the option anyway :thinking:

The sidebar can be freed from the buttons with the user, but I see it like Candiesdoodle. Especially on a small 10 "screen that I just want to operate on, it’s a shame about the 20% that is lost here.
I would like to have a button in the top left of the header, analogous to the one at the top right (Other Apps) with which you can hide / show the entire menu.
Maybe like that:

Where is the right place to file an issue for OH3?

As always GitHub is the proper place. Likely for the UI repository.

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I believe the HABPanel UI is designed for tablet use though. It is still available in OH3.

On My Tablet, the sidebar disappears if the tablet is in portrait and reappears if in landscape. No idea how to control it. But then the UI appears to be better suited to portrait.

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if i am not wrong, the sidebar disappears for widhts lower than 1024 px
i think if the left bar is ‘collapsible’, that will be awesome. Maybe an option under ‘help & about’ to enable / disable collapsible side bar…

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There is basically the option, on the mobile phone it is also automatically hidden and you can display it again with the three lines symbol.
Even if you push the browser window together, the menu disappears and the symbol appears. So it shouldn’t be a big effort to make it permanent.
I hope thats okay here, its my first entry in github.

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I see the UI maintainer already tagged it as an enhancement so he thinks it is worth investigation.

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I’ll have a look, don’t know when, unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as it seems. The underlying UI framework doesn’t allow this natively, but maybe there could be a workaround.


Thanks so much, also for the great work that has been done so far.
I like the UI so much that I am already using OH 3 in my production environment.

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Thanks a Lot!

Build #2065

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I see you’re running into

Can’t recommend putting sliders on the home page for now, until I have a hard look at it.

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By the way, I’ve been considering replacing the default “slider list item” with something that only opens the slider in a popup after a click, because these are bad UX, you too often mis-click and change something you didn’t want.
When it’s a light’s brightness, that’s ok, but when it’s an AV receiver’s volume… well, you can imagine.

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