Two statetopics to one item?

just wondering.

is there a way (except rules) how one Item can have two statetopics?

situation: RF Bridge and bunch of door/windows contacts, bigger house so I have currently two RF bridges to be reachable for sensors far away from first one.

currently both rf bridges are sharing one topic (which is fine, but tasmota is sometimes not happy because of /STATE topic.

this is current setup

...some more cotnacts
Type contact : door_side         "Door Side"          [ stateTopic="home/bridge/rf/tele/RESULT", transformationPattern="REGEX:(.*B03E0?.*)∩JSONPATH:$.RfReceived.Data∩"]
...even more contacts

If I give separated topic per RF bridge, I will never know which bridge catched response or not, so I’d end up with n-times Items as many bridges I have. And then combine them in the rule.
Doable, but not elegant.

Is there a way how to do something like

Type contact : door_side         "Door Side"          [ stateTopic="home/bridge/rf1/tele/RESULT", stateTopic="home/bridge/rf2/tele/RESULT", transformationPattern="REGEX:(.*B03E0?.*)∩JSONPATH:$.RfReceived.Data∩"]

If understand you correctly you could just add the second bridge as a new thing and connect the channel from both things to the same item.

I have it like that currently, which means two devices are sharing one topic → which tasmota dont like that much because of STATE topic/ip and so on

My suggestion would be to use different topics for each bridge. You only merge the information on item level by linking both channels to the same item.

which means rule and dummy item, if am not overseeing any other way. Which is basically my initial question :wink:

I don’t see why you need a rule and dummy item but it might be that I did not understand the question correctly :face_with_peeking_eye:. You can just add another link between the item and the second bridge.

alright so one item can have more channels then? Didnt knew, will look into it

Yes you can link an item to as many channels as you want.