Two zwave sticks, inlusion mode linking to right one?

I have a bigger system and have now a second ZWAVE Stick active.

Now I wanted to include another device. For this I can go to add device and choose zwave and Scan to put zwave with openhab in inclusion mode. But how can I decide on which stick the inclusion should be?

I diabled the stick should not be used, that works. But is this the planned way to do?

I split my networks a couple of years ago but have two RPis (3b and 4 2G) in two different locations (basement (25 nodes) and first floor (35 nodes) and linked them originally with the OH remote binding (all rules, persistance, etc. on Rpi4. My objective based on Zniffer was to get more direct routes.

What is your objective? Do you have a zniffer?

It’s to have more than 255 devices at the end. On one machine.

I did not think two zwave networks could coexist on one OH instance. If one of your controllers is a secondary on the same network, the limit is still 232 IMO.

Why this should not work? With the second USB Stick you got a different thing ID…

Could be I do not understand. Look at the zwave folder for example
zwave folder 2023-10-21 154523

The hex string of the network is f1c43721 and only 232 nodes can be on that network. Does your second controller have the same hex string as the first controller in the zwave folder? If it is different then you should be okay to exceed 232, but it is beyond my understanding how this works.

As I said: I have 2 networks there.

2 Sticks, 2 different IDs, 2 Networks

My question was only, if there is a wy how to select the correct stick for inclusion without disable the other one. If thats the wanted solution: Not convenient, but fine too.

Ok. How you are doing it is probably the safest. However, the device will only pair with one network ID, so you could try to just leave both running and the fastest will pick up the new node, but again, this is not an area I’m familiar.

I struggled with this a few years back (probably a thread with me asking about it is left here somewhere) when I was in the process of migrating from an old controller to a new one and thus needed to start first exclusion mode on the old controller and then inclusion mode on the new. My conclusion was that it wasn’t possible, I had to entirely pull out one of the controllers of my server to be able to start exclusion/inclusion mode on the other.

Thanks a lot.

This confirms two controller work, and give hints how OH react with 2 controllers in inclusion and exclusion.

As I know exclusion could be done with equal controller, so your transfer would have worked with only new one in. But would create ghost devices on the old one. You have chosen the more perfect way

Actually I think this was changed some years ago, like in 2.4 or something like that. Before that the xml file name didn’t contain the network id so it was completely impossible having multiple z-wave controllers on the same OH instance.

But I guess it will be a pain in the ass for you having to remove the controller having all those “old” nodes every time you want to include something on the other controller :frowning: