TypeError: Cannot read property 'navigation-header'

I am using dashboard custom widgets for navigating between dashboards (“dashboard settings” - “dashboard header” - “replace header with custom widget”).
After upgrading to OH3 I cannot start "dashboard settings (the cob wheel) anymore. Allthough the custom header is still working fine.

This is the error message I see in the chrome browser:

vendor.js:119 TypeError: Cannot read property 'navigation-header' of undefined
    at b.DashboardSettingsCtrl.$scope.updateCustomWidgetSettings (menu.controller.js:209)
    at DashboardSettingsCtrl (menu.controller.js:249)
    at Object.invoke (vendor.js:42)
    at R.instance (vendor.js:91)
    at vendor.js:382
    at vendor.js:132
    at m.$eval (vendor.js:147)
    at m.$digest (vendor.js:144)
    at m.$apply (vendor.js:147)
    at l (vendor.js:99)
(anonymous) @ vendor.js:119

In OH2 everything is working fine.
@ysc: Any chance that this can be resolved or are you too engaged with Main UI?
I would understand if you say that you do not want to spend time on experimental features of an outdated? UI.

It’s been reported already here: [HABPanel] Configuration of informational-header (or any customized header widget?) throws Script error · Issue #733 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

I’ll have a look… ASAP?

Oh, excuse me please. Must have overseen it.
No, not ASAP - I appreciate your effort and time and will be happy with whenever you have time to fix it.

Many thanks in advance

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just a quick question. If I make changes directly in uicomponents_habpanel_panelconfig.json I have problems in "convincing my browser to load the new config (clean browser cache, etc).
Is there anything I need to do additionally on the webserver to forde to load the file?
Even restarting PI/openhab.service does not have the desired effect.