TypeError: Cannot read property 'navigation-header'

I am using dashboard custom widgets for navigating between dashboards (“dashboard settings” - “dashboard header” - “replace header with custom widget”).
After upgrading to OH3 I cannot start "dashboard settings (the cob wheel) anymore. Allthough the custom header is still working fine.

This is the error message I see in the chrome browser:

vendor.js:119 TypeError: Cannot read property 'navigation-header' of undefined
    at b.DashboardSettingsCtrl.$scope.updateCustomWidgetSettings (menu.controller.js:209)
    at DashboardSettingsCtrl (menu.controller.js:249)
    at Object.invoke (vendor.js:42)
    at R.instance (vendor.js:91)
    at vendor.js:382
    at vendor.js:132
    at m.$eval (vendor.js:147)
    at m.$digest (vendor.js:144)
    at m.$apply (vendor.js:147)
    at l (vendor.js:99)
(anonymous) @ vendor.js:119

In OH2 everything is working fine.
@ysc: Any chance that this can be resolved or are you too engaged with Main UI?
I would understand if you say that you do not want to spend time on experimental features of an outdated? UI.

It’s been reported already here: [HABPanel] Configuration of informational-header (or any customized header widget?) throws Script error · Issue #733 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

I’ll have a look… ASAP?

Oh, excuse me please. Must have overseen it.
No, not ASAP - I appreciate your effort and time and will be happy with whenever you have time to fix it.

Many thanks in advance


just a quick question. If I make changes directly in uicomponents_habpanel_panelconfig.json I have problems in "convincing my browser to load the new config (clean browser cache, etc).
Is there anything I need to do additionally on the webserver to forde to load the file?
Even restarting PI/openhab.service does not have the desired effect.

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@ysc is there chance this issue might get fixed before 3.1 is released at the end of June. My current work around is to use OH2.5.x to make updates and changes then export from 2.5 and re-import to 3.0. Not ideal and many of us with older panel hardware still need/use HabPanel.

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