Typo in beginners tutorial

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I am new to openhab and just reading the beginners tutorial. I am also new to this community, so my first question is: Should I log documentation issues directly under github or here? For now I try it here.

The tutorial http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/beginner/sitemap.html states:

One last thing to do is setting the default sitemap for the “Basic UI” via “Paper UI”. Browse to “Configuration -> Services” in Paper UI and click the “Configure” button of Paper UI

Actually the last two words are wrong. It should be “Basic UI” instead of “Paper UI”, as shown in the screenshot.

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Opening an issue in GitHub is the correct place for reporting. :slight_smile:
Alternatively you could submit a Pull Request with an correction.

The corresponding repo is https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/issues


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is it possible to close this thread here in the forum by mysefl? or marked as solved?

You can mark a post as solution with the check mark icon.
If you don’t see it it could be hidden in the menu.

And maybe you are able to close your own thread if you press the menu button on your initial posting.

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