TZ68G: how to get event of physical button


I have an TKB TZ68G Z-Wave socket (link).
I have mapped it as item and can use classic UI or OpenHAB Android app to control it (state does change, socket is turned on/off).
I have a very simple rule to detect the state change, and initiate other actions:

rule LightsOnEZ
	Item Light_GF_EZ_Schrank changed
  logInfo("Light", "Licht EZ Schrank " + Light_GF_EZ_Schrank.state)
  sendCommand(Light_GF_EZ_Vitrine, Light_GF_EZ_Schrank.state)

The socket has also a physical on/off switch. When I press it, the socket is turned on/off. But the rule above is not executed, it receives no event.

Any idea how I can catch the event of the physical button on the socket?

Make sure that the association setting is correctly set to provide reports to the controller.

Where can I find this? In HABmin?
I’m using the ZWay binding. Is it somewhere in the zway UI?
I’ running latest OpenHAB 2.0.

The image I posted is from HABmin, but I have no knowledge about ZWay - maybe someone else can comment.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve checked in Zway UI, and it says to the device: “Can not configure associations: groups were not reported by the device. Do interview.”

Interview doesn’t change anything. I will ask the question in zway forum.