U-Tec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-wave - add to Z-wave database?

I just installed the lock mentioned in the subject. I’ve included it into my Z-wave network, and I can see some of the expected settings on the Thing Configuration page. However, the “Thing Type” shows as “Unknown Device” and there are no channels.

I just now checked the z-wave binding device list, and it seems this device isn’t in the database yet. How do I go about getting that added? I tried clicking the link at the bottom of the database list page, but it gives an error; I can’t find the instructions anywhere else.

Here you go.

There’s a link to this page at the top right of the device list.

Thanks! I was working off of the list linked from the z-wave binding page in the add-ons documentation. Strange that that page doesn’t link to the one you posted.

I’ll take a look at those instructions for how to add a device to the database this evening. Hopefully getting this lock added will be pretty straightforward. Fortunately the Z-wave functionality of the lock is just a nice addition to its features, not a “must have” for it to work.

It’s hard to tell what you’re describing. Links and screenshots are your friend. :wink:

Are you talking about these links on this page?

I suspect that the Z-Wave documentation is a little out of date, but I’m not very familiar with it. I don’t know how the Things Supported by the Z-Wave Binding page is updated.

Yes, that’s what I was looking at. Sorry for my lack of clarity. I was writing while making dinner for my family… Probably should have just waited until I had time to sit down and be thorough!

I get that. I sometimes start writing posts and then realize that I should just come back later or leave it to someone else to answer.

I’m having some trouble adding the device to the database. I’m getting an unspecified error. If anyone (@chris ?) knows what might be happening, I’d love some help!

Steps to reproduce error:

  1. Click the “Create Device” button on the device database page
  2. Add Label “U-Bolt Pro Z-wave”
  3. Add description “Smart Lock”
  4. Paste the above attached XML into the XML box. (XML File attached in below reply)
  5. Click “Create Device”

Result: It thinks for a moment, then a box that just says “Error” pops up in the upper right side of the window.

Could be a new manufacturer? That might need administrative work first. What are the mfg byte code?

Can you please post the XML you’re using and I’ll take a look.

Sure, here you go.
network_dcadc50a__node_60.xml (24.6 KB)

Latest additions to the Z-Wave Assigned Manufacturer IDs:


Probably the manufacturer is missing in the Z-Wave database.

That makes sense. Looks like @apella12 was right. So in that case, I just have to wait for @chris to add the manufacturer to the database, right? Or is there something I can do to add the manufacturer?

AFAIK - wait
edit: try now

Sorry - I forgot to post, but I added this yesterday…

Sweet, thanks! I’ve added the device and done my best to make sure the information, endpoints, etc are good to go. That being said, this is the first time I’ve done this, and I have no way of testing that it’s all working until this new device info is available in the live binding. I’m assuming that happens after the next openHAB update?

Not an official reviewer, but I took a look. To be on the safe side you should add the lifeline association group under the association tab.

I could not believe that there are no configuration parameters, but the “Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave.
Z-Wave Specification Manual V1.2” indeed states:


The Z-Wave Specification Manual has been uploaded to the Z-Wave database.

Thanks, guys.

I added the Lifeline Association. And yeah, very little to configure, or even to do at all, with this device, in regard to Z-wave. All it supports, as far as I can tell, is Lock, Unlock, set the Time until auto-lock after the door closes, and the ability to add/edit user codes.
Interestingly, the latter two (auto-lock time and user codes) already appear on the configuration page in openHAB, even without the device added to the database.
This lock also has bluetooth, and that’s how you connect to it to set the bulk of the configuration options.

Looking into that same lock ATM.
So it has been added to the database? Anything I’d need to do to update that database for my OH3 stable installation?

As long as I can lock/unlock it via OH and it reliably reports back a lock status, I’m good.

Edit: it should be listed here, shouldn’t it?

Yes, the lock has been added to the database and works just fine with openHAB now. I did just have to exclude and re-include it today, because it stopped communicating with the z-wave network. But I’ve been messing with my network and it might be something I did that caused that.

I also bought the wifi bridge, so I have a backup means of communicating with the lock remotely, just in case.