Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Apple Products

I’ve been running OH 2.x for 2 years now with the Unifi Controller running on a Windows Server with 3 PRO Access Points. I’m running the latest version of the controller and firmware on the AP’s. I have 71 WiFi devices across these 3 AP’s on a flat network.

I’ve noticed (which others have also) that Apple products seem to take a while to fall off the network for presence detection. Apple XR phones seem to take around 15 - 20 minutes on average.

I ran across a post on FB that talked about this in general with Unifi and discovered there is a fix for this (for newer WiFi products).

I changed this and now the Apple phones take less than 5 minutes to fall off the network.

Best, Jay


Interesting. I never noticed a huge delay in my wife’s iPhone being dropped but the Unifi guide is pretty clear:

…many modern devices including recent iOS and Android phones, will perform better and save up to 66% of their WiFi battery consumption if the period is set to 3. For networks with nearly all modern devices, it is recommended to use a DTIM period of 3 instead.

Thanks for the tip as this could simply help battery performance regardless of the connectivity state.