Ubuntu 20.04 OpenHAB Cloud installation

Does anyone run openHAB Cloud server on Ubuntu 20.04 ?
I have issues with installation on google Cloud VM(Free F1-micro setup). Im try install it as instructions say but it install node v10 and npm do not start app.js (It exit without error and nothing happen)
Then Im manage to install node v 7.10.1 and after running app.jst web page open, I can register new account, but openHAB server do not connect to it and Cloud page all time show as offline. UUID and secret is correct.
Im try 2 times reinstall VM and start from begining if maybe Im miss something but looks like Im not…
Any idea what to try or what to check?
Right now I installing ubuntu 20 vm local on qnap to see if something is with google vm and to avoid slow vm…
What npm and node version is needed to run Cloud server? Does it work on v10 or we need use old 7.10.1?

On local VM Im manage to get it work. It still do not show any items, devices or applications but it show status ONLINE and I can comunicate with OpenHAB server trough Cloud server… But openhab server can connect only over HTTP TCP 3000 port if I change it to https cloud addon do not connect. Also mobile app can’t connect to https and throwing error:
“The Sitemap could not be loaded. The following error occurred: Connection unsuccessful. An unexpected response was received while trying to connect to configured openHAB server (HTTP code 400)”
It open Notifications and it open HABPanel but do not show Sitemap …

Im solve issue. problem has been that f1 virual machine on google clud is to slow and freeze on hard work when npm install …
Im upgrade it to 4core and 4gb ram, install everything(node 7.10.1, openhab cloud, letsencrypt SSL) and then downgrade to free f1-micro vm… Now work as must.
Im without issues activate Firebase notifications and other things…

hello, i’m messing with service and nginx configuration. ubuntu 20.04, everything working on OH2 installations but unable to manage OH3 installation via cloud: a second login is required and nginx is unable to forward requests correctly. can you help me please?

finally i did it! the solution was posted by @digitaldan here: unable to access OH3 dashboard · Issue #313 · openhab/openhab-cloud · GitHub

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could you share your experience step by step? I’m not getting anything from this link.
What specific changes did you make to the configuration?