Ubuntu and openhab 1.8.3 - google tts no sound


Does anyone managed to configure google tts in ubuntu server?
It works for me very well on my mac, but on ubuntu (14.04 as well as 16.04 - Oracle java 8) although say command is processed without any error there is no sound.
Generally sound is working while using other applications.

Thanks for any response :slight_smile:

In meantime I discover that this problem appears in case of installation of openhab using apt-get install …

Does anyone know what to do next?

Maybe a track to follow is the user used by the apt get install which could differ from a manual install.
Personaly I stopped using goigle tts due to several issues described here:

Does it work when you run it from the command line using the openhab user?

sudo -u openhab <tts command>

Use full paths for the command and any arguments that are files.

If that doesn’t work the problem is almost certainly a permission one. You will need to give the openHAB user permission to make that call.

Rather not, both are the same.