Ubuntu Snappy Packaging


A while ago (early last year) we looked into packaging openHAB as a Snappy app. Unfortunately, Snappy wasn’t really ready for our requirements at that point and the efforts came to a halt.

I personally do not have the time anymore to dive into this myself, but if anyone from the community would be interested in it, it would be gorgeous.

There will be an event somewhere around July 18-22 in Heidelberg, Germany, where staff from Canonical will help on packaging apps for Snappy - so this would be an great opportunity to get a jump start.

Please let me know, if you are interested!


Looking into using Snappy as my deployment manager and also noticed that OH was present in the SnapCraft store (yay!) but hasn’t been updated for a LONG time (boo)

I also found an up-to-date Snap configuration for OH, maintained by Ondrej Kubik

I did a quick search and was not able to find a matching user here in the forums so I could @-mention them.

Ondrej looks pretty legit, but I would prefer to deploy an official snap. Is there any one who could re-visit the Snap technology and see if it has become viable enough for official support?

Also, is there another thread that discusses what the original issues were?

Thank you,


Ondrej actually is the guy who maintains the official openHAB package as well - it seems that he has neglected it in the past months…

I’d suggest you try to follow up on https://github.com/openhab/openhab-snap/issues/8 and push him to actually provide an official update of the snap package. If there is real interest by users, it should be a better motivation than just me asking for it :slight_smile: .

Thanks! I posted a comment in that thread – Will update this thread with any news.

was succesfull at installing openhab-ondra on my RPI3 with ubuntu snappy Core
Seems like bluetooth is not working though; i found this remark in the openhab documentation of blueZ:
“Also note that the OS user needs to be a member of the “bluetooth” group of Linux in order to have the rights to access the BlueZ stack”
how does one add “the OS user” to the “bluetooth group” on ubuntu snappy core?

or does the openhap snap (snapcraft.yaml) have to associate/consumes/implement/use the bluetooth/bluez plug (as sugested by the cannonical snapcraft.yaml documentation: “When a plug is connected to one of these slots, the application will be granted the permissions specified for that interface”)?

i checked openhab-ondra on snapcraft.io, launchpad and github but i couldnt figure out where to ask questions or file a bug, does anyone know how to get in contact?

at the moment openhab-ondra associate the following plugs:
home, network, network-bind, serial-port, raw-usb, gpio
and openhab:
home, network, network-bind, serial-port

bluez snap has the following:
interface: bluez
interface: bluez

openhab documentation of blueZ:

cannonical snapcraft.yaml documentation:

openhab-ondra snapcraft.yaml:

openhab snapcraft.yaml:

bluez snapcraft.yaml: