UI and Serial Port Problem

I am running OH 2.5.1 on Ubuntu Core with Zulu Java 8

I installed remotely and never setup a UI. I only used the rest api. I add the zigbee binding, and all was running fine without issue. Today I used a browser and installed Paper UI. Immediately upon installing the UI, the zigbee binding could no longer access the serial port. Is there anything in the UI that could be interfering with the serial ports? Also, what is the proper way to uninstall the UI?

No, there is nothing in the UI that should mess with any serial port issue.

Have you restarted the machine? I have rarely seen cases where the lock on the serial device file doesn’t get properly cleared when a binding is restarted. It’s conceivable that the zigbee binging was restarted when another add-on was added and perhaps the lock wasn’t cleared and now the zigbee binging isn’t allowed to read/write to the device. Rebooting the machine should clear up the locks.

You should be able to remove add-ons through the REST API as well.

I only have one add-on running in this installation, the zigbee binding. I did not add anything else, only started the paper-ui and immediately saw the error.

I was thinking maybe the UI or something in UI installation process scans for serial ports.

By the way the lock files are not typical in my setup since I am running in Ubuntu core. I had to change the lock file directory for nrjavaserial so it would have permission.

thanks for your help.

FYI: It appears the bundle Commons Net is installed when the Standard Setup process runs. Not sure if it changes which ports are considered available or if it prevents the zigbee binding from continuing to use the nrjavaserial jar I have in the addons folder but the log shows the nrjavaserial bundle is shutdown so that Commons Net can be installed.