UI base on phone location (Bluetooth beacon/Wifi)

Hi there Community,

Is there a way to show certain Habpanel tab or sitemap base on indoor position? What I would like to get is something similar to Crestron beacon which allows ppl to see only elements for certain room (exact room where they start the app or refresh it).

Any ideas?

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I believe HABPanel can switch which dashboard is shown based on a command to an item. So you just need to figure it what room you are in. For Android that’s not so hard and you can use FIND2 for precise phone location. If you are on iPhone, I don’t know what your options are.

What is FIND2?

It’s an app and server that uses the signal strength of all the visible wifi networks your phone can see to triangulate your phones location. It takes just a little bit if training and then it’s really accurate. It doesn’t work on iPhones because apple won’t allow access to the needed information.

It’s hard to find (no pun intended) but there are several postings on the forum on how to use it with openHAB.

Okay, I tried to find it a Google Play store, which I couldn´t. Thats why I asked.

It’s probably not on the play store. I’ve not looked at it for a long time but there are several pants on this forum about it.

Okay, I didnt try seach though the openhab community. I tried search on Google… I guess its needs som more specific details, or either very old, outdated or no longer avilable.

Thanks Rich…
It wasnt meant for you to do the search for me. Just me who cleared I couldnt find any info, and havn´t searched through the community.
I see now, I should have searched for FIND3 :slight_smile:

Now when you did find it for me anyway, I just scrolled fast through the page of internalposition.com
It´s a very interesting project, which I´ll dig deeper into very soon. If it works in my house which is 296square meters in one-level floorplan having three Ubiquiti AP´s (and a few more mainly used for direct access), and a bunch of BT devices all alround its pretty awesome.

Thank you @rlkoshak

I will dig into the topic and when i will handle it in begining of 2020 I will post some update here i hope.

Keep us informed @Kim_Andersen