UI folder files

I´m begginer so i will just ask here
Is it possible to edit html templates on the different interfaces like PaperUI
Where are the files?

Thank you

Possible, yes. Practical, not really.

The files are burried deep inside the kar files the make up the various packages of OH. Most either love with it or user something like Grease Monkey.

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Ok. Thank you.
Where are kar files anyway? Do you know it?

Somewhere in the userdata folder. /var/lib/openhab2 on an installed OH. Beyond that I don’t know. You’ll have to search through to find them.

i´m using the synology package https://github.com/openhab/openhab-syno-spk/releases

and there is nothing on /var/lib/
Do you know where is it installed with this realese or the name of those files to make a search?

thank you for the support

Afraid not. It is probably a manual installation in which case it is in $OH_HOME/userdata where $OH_HOME is the root folder of all the OH files.

synology pkg is supposed to download last release and install it

it just let you select userdata, conf and addons folder in order to do easier upgrades

my userdata folder doesnt have any .kar file, only a few .jar and the structure is this one