UI for linux (raspian) touch based devices

hi there!

I quite enjoyed the last days assembling the home automation solution using openHab as a plattform for so many different inputs and outputs.
Now I cut a hole in the living room wall and installed a Raspberry PI and a PI touch display. I like it. But I asked myself - and now you guys - is there an alternative to run the webbased standard UI on it?

  1. *** Isn’t there any native client for linux?**
  2. *** Would you recommend to replace the PI-display by some Android-device?**

(i would still leave the PI in the wall since it runs the openhab server; still it would be a pitty since this PI+TouchScreen is rather cheap and so easy to install that this would be fine for the other rooms as well)

There is an old post: Client/ User Interface for Linux / Raspbian asking more or less the same.

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