UI OH 3 How to see badge for "tilted" window?


I tried out the wonderfull new OH3, but I want to see in at the new tiles for location not only if a window is open/closed…I have a state “tilted”… how can I achive this ?

Thank you


Two parts to this.
Firstly, you’d have to use an Item type that supports more than two states.
Then, you can set up custom icons corresponding to those states.

Hello rossko57,

I used item type “string” and i put a window-tilted.png (also svg) in the folder (/conf/icon/classic)
but I will not shown if status is “tilted”… maybe custom icon placed at wrong folder ?

I would avoid trying to use the same root filename as built in icons, like window.xxx
Use custom filename like twindow.xxx
You must always provide a complete icon set including a default image using root filename, example


neither at the location tiles nor for the badges of the tiles does this work.

Custom Icons seems not to work in OH 3.0 Main UI or I do something wrong…in HabPanel 2.5.x all works fine…

Regards and nice evening

using a first “transformation” from “tilted” to “ajar” it works with OH standard icons in the location tiles, but it is not shown as badges (like it is open). Custom Icons I did not go to work.