UI Sitemap creator doesn't find new item


I have add new items. Then i will add this new items to my sitemap via UI. But i can’t add the new created items, cause the UI will not show me them after search. Then I try to add this Items by hand via code, but that doesn’t work.


Sitemap creator:

After reboot same issue.

What browser are you using to work with the UI?


There’s seems to be a common issue these days with firefox and how it caches web pages where it is not showing OH system changes. Use a different browser (I recommend any chromium based browser) and your items will be available.

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No i don’t need another browser. I need to refresh Firefox with strg + F5 and now it’s working! Many thanks!

I seem to be getting this too, doesn’t seem to be browser cache related.

I’ve just added an item (Soil1_Availability), which I can see in the model:

I’ve checked the API call for loading items when going to the sitemap page (no eTag or anything):

And when filtering the JSON for “Soil1”, I get everything but the new item:

After a while the API call started returning the right data, I’m not sure if that’s just because I was clicking about a lot to get the screen shots, or due to elapsed time.