UI Text blank in BasicUI until state change - not working at all in Android

Hi Folks,

I’ve recently moved house, and I’ve decided to switch to OpenHAB2 but to start from scratch and copying over stuff I need as I go.

I’ve set up some of my devices onto OpenHAB, and that’s all good - and on PaperUI Control everything is coming across fine (I’d use it, but I seem to only have limited control as to where items appear). On BasicUI, my text fields which are populated from my Sonos only get populated on a state change, such as a song changing - so when you first load it it’s blank.

On android, my text fields don’t get populated no matter what. However on both the PaperUI and Android my Sonos and Hue changes on things like switches and sliders come across either instantly or within a few seconds - even if I make the changes outside of OpenHAB.

The issue is just with text fields.

Here is my sitemap:

sitemap main label="My home automation 2" {
    Frame label="Sonos Office" {

		Default item=SonosOffice_Controlcontent
		Slider  item=SonosOffice_Volume
		Text    item=SonosOffice_CurrentTitle
		Text    item=SonosOffice_CurrentAlbum		
		Text    item=SonosOffice_CurrentArtist		
		Text    item=SonosOffice_ZoneName		
	 Frame label="Sonos Bathroom" {

		Default item=SonosBathroom_Controlcontent
		Slider  item=SonosBathroom_Volume
		Text    item=SonosBathroom_CurrentTitle		
		Text    item=SonosBathroom_CurrentAlbum		
		Text    item=SonosBathroom_CurrentArtist		
		Text    item=SonosBathroom_ZoneName		
	Frame label="Sonos Bedroom" {

		Default item=SonosBedroom_Controlcontent
		Slider  item=SonosBedroom_Volume
		Text    item=SonosBedroom_CurrentTitle		
		Text    item=SonosBedroom_CurrentAlbum		
		Text    item=SonosBedroom_CurrentArtist		
		Text    item=SonosBedroom_ZoneName		
	Frame label="Sonos Living Room" {

		Default item=SonosLivingRoom_Controlcontent
		Slider  item=SonosLivingRoom_Volume
		Text    item=SonosLivingRoom_CurrentTitle		
		Text    item=SonosLivingRoom_CurrentAlbum		
		Text    item=SonosLivingRoom_CurrentArtist		
		Text    item=SonosLivingRoom_ZoneName		
	Frame label="Sonos Kitchen" {

		Default item=SonosKitchen_Controlcontent
		Slider  item=SonosKitchen_Volume
		Text    item=SonosKitchen_CurrentTitle		
		Text    item=SonosKitchen_CurrentAlbum		
		Text    item=SonosKitchen_CurrentArtist		
		Text    item=SonosKitchen_ZoneName		
	Frame label="Office Lights" {
		Slider item=OfficeMain_Brightness label="Main"
		Slider item=OfficeLamp_Brightness label="Lamp"
		Slider item=Lights_Office

I also have RRD4J turned on.


Anyone? I was a massive fan of OpenHAB1, but so far I’m not getting on with OpenHAB2 because of stuff like this

With Basic UI, no problem in my production environment but already noticed that running from Eclipse with channel autolink enabled. The problem in this case is I think for channel types that don’t define a pattern.
I will try to investigate when I have some free time. I believe an issue is already opened for that problem.

The problem is clear for me now. I opened an issue and proposed a solution: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/3248