UI versus Script ? please can you help me?


I am a beginner under openhab, I have already created my sitemap and my things 433Mhz, weather underground, camera, linjy, …
This was all done through the GUI
When I go to /etc/openhab/ the items, rules, scripts directories are all empty!
Can you tell me where my data is stored please? thank you very much
Have a nice day

UI configured items, things, … are store in a JSON database in the openHAB user-data directory (/var/lib/openhab on my system).

The question would actually be why you would want to know where they are? Usually you wouldn’t need them like you did on OH2 (even though there is still a big amount of people who like to work the file-way) when you create them via the UI. I hardly wouldn’t mess with the files on that location…

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