UI vs files in OH3 - what is your recommendation?

Hi all,

first - Happy Holidays!

Second - just installed OH3 on a Rpi 4 - CONGRATULATIONS - the installation went very smooth and the interface looks amazing.

Now let’s go to the topic. I am somewhat familiar with OH2, with OH2.5 already running for more than a year. I have decided now to start over (not porting) with OH3 since the OH2 has been used quite a lot for experiments and I want to have a clean system for production now. I have also learned a lot (from you community as well!) and some setups will be different.

I have read some documents (including the tutorial) claiming that OH3 should be less programming and more graphical oriented. I have fully understood pros and cons, but a question remains.

When do I need/it is preferable to operate on files directly?

In the OH2 documentation there was a nice table presenting the different OH components and the preferred way to define/edit them (link) - is it still valid or would you recommend something different?

And apologize if this is explained somewhere in the docs for OH3, I have just started the tutorial.


Something like this?

from Configuration | openHAB


@Bruce_Osborne thanks for confirming the table still applies :slightly_smiling_face:

So, nothing holds me back in starting the setup - I will be back soon with more questions :wink:


There are some nuances not captured in that table though.

For example, in OH 3 the Persistence add-ons come with a default persistence strategy now, so it may not be required to create a .persist file if the default is what you are after. Also, OH 3 comes with rrd4j preinstalled.

Many of the transform services do not need separate files (e.g. JSONPATH, REGX, XPATH, etc.).

The table also does not reflect the import of the model when using MainUI for everything. If you use MainUI you will want to put sometime into the model. It makes everything else having to do with Items, including creating Items, that much easier.

For text configs, everything you’ve been doing up to now with OH2.5 is the same in OH 3 with only some minor changes in Rules DSL.

Thanks @rlkoshak!

I will start from scratch, and I will definitively use more the semantic model. II will also give a try to python rules - the language is more familiar to me than DSL :sunglasses:

I had a look to the demo and it convinced me I need to spend a little bit more time with a proper definition of my smart home topology :wink: Btw, is the configuration file for the demo this here? With my (very limited) knowledge of OH I cannot find all elements presented in the demo - in particular the overlay in the temperature…