UI with interactive picture


Are there any plans for an UI where items can be controlled by an interactive picture like in Openremote? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuDgwJD9_Js&list=UUlErAxhISL9V9AGedA2pGqg&index=9&feature=plcp)

I think something like this could be done with HTML. Are there any examples I could use?

Search the forum for “Openremote” and you will find several examples of advanced and/or customized UIs that people are using and creating.

OH has an open REST API so it should be compatible with most third party UIs, including Openremote. I do not think such a UI is on the roadmap to be implemented into openHAB as a native UI.

It seams as there will be a floorplan editor in Habmin2: https://github.com/cdjackson/HABmin2/wiki/Floorplan-Editor
But I didn’t found it in the current version.