UI3 widgets with very slow response times

I switched from Sitemaps to UI3 pages on my wall tablets recently. Response times on my budget tablets ( dragontouch MAX-10 running Android 10) with Sitemaps where fine.
The response time for UI3 pages in general is also ok, but when opening a new page with complex widgets (e.g. a page with in total 7 “Heating” Widgets from the Openhab Marketplace), the response time is multiple seconds.
I appreciate your help and suggestions. thanks,

Sitemaps are rendered natively with quite few code, while the openHAB 3 UI requires a WebView (like a browser). Maybe your tablet is just too slow for complex websites.

Can you try this UI in a browser on your tablet and check if you’re running the latest version of WebView?

thanks for the quick response
on the dragontouch tablet, using a web browser, the UI3 is almost as slow as with the app.
where can I see the WebView version on the tablet?

When testing it UI3 with a new Samsung tablet, the response times are much faster.
from your point of view, what are the minimum performance requirements for a tablet to work ok with the UI3?

I’ll add a note to the docs: Add link to WebView in Play Store by mueller-ma · Pull Request #2855 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

Honestly I don’t know. Maybe someone else can suggest you a cheap tablet that can run main UI.

i installed the latest version of webview and then restarted the tablet. No improvement.