UIs lost after update to 2.4

Hey there,

Last night I updated to OH 2.4 using sudo apt-get upgrade openhab2 openhab2-addons. This took a very long time. After it was done, I wasn’t immediately able to open the OH web interface. A sudo systemctl restart openhab2 didn’t bring it back either. This morning I restarted the RaspberryPi to see if that helps.

And indeed, the web interface is now reachable. However, it only offers me the HABPanel, where before I had the PaperUI, et al.

My custom config repo is still there. It’s still linked from /etc/openhab2.

Any ideas what could’ve gone wrong?

– Flo

I was able to fix this by following this hint. I didn’t use this before. Why did I have the other UIs before updating then? :thinking:

This is why pure textual configuration will always be the better choice :wink:


I actually have all my items, rules, etc. in plain text files that I maintain in their own repo. But I find it kind of confusing how the UI-based config and the text based config plays together.

You can install UIs as well as Bindings/Actions/etc using the PaperUI or during the install wizzard.
Or you can modify the entries in the addons.cfg which imho is the nicer way but unfortunately not very clear in the documentation.
Basically with addons.cfg you describe what to install on top of a clean installation.

We welcome any PRs you may offer that will make the documentation more clear on this point.

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