UK MET Office Data Hub Binding (Weather Provider) for openHAB 4.X


This is a binding to get weather data from the UK MET Office’s service called Data Hub.

Details can be found in the documentation link under resources. Primarily it can provide:

  • Weather forecast data for each hour within the next 24 hours
  • Weather forecast data on a daily basis for 7 days starting with today as the first day.

It is currently awaiting PR review so minor changes may be done to address any concerns, when that happens.


  • openHAB v4
  • A free MET Office Data Point Site API account - details in documentation


Version 0.1

  • initial release


Binding Documentation

The latest v4 PR build can be downloaded here

Source Code from PR branch


I am using the Solar Forecast binding to predict how to operate my solar / battery system. I find that their data is not very useful for UK. So wondering if the UK data also includes solar forecasts?

A new version of this binding has been built here. This supports the latest API, while the current one goes through the PR process: