UK wall power socket with RJ-45 ports?


Not sure if the above even exists but thought I’d ask. Anyone seen something like it? Have a home office where I don’t have existing RJ-45 ports but was thinking of fishing an RJ-45 wall cable down the existing power cable conduit (realise it’s far from ideal, from an interference perspective) but thought I’d at least ask the question.


Why not using powerline?

They don’t seem to be available, probably for the reason you’re aware of (interference).

You can buy:

  • Single sized faceplates for Ethernet/telephony cables only
  • Double sized faceplates with power sockets, and Ethernet sockets BUT the Ethernet is fed via ethernet-over-powerline technology so you need at least two.

It is not so much interference, but personal safety. (Well - I don’t know UK laws, esp after Brexit, but I am fairly certain that they mustn’t be too different from anywhere else).
So you will not find a combined face plate because of this.
If you remove your power line, you can get the ethernet instead, of course, but I suspect you need both.

Something like this? It’s a bit pricey and you’ll need at least two to form your next work, but they should meet your requirements.

It sounds like you’re looking for something like this? Might be pricey as not a commonly sold item. Unless it’s a long run of CAT cable I doubt interference will be a big issue, I would expect it’ll still be more stable than powerline which I use in places but have never been particularly happy with (devices seem to need power cycling every few weeks). It might be cheaper to install a pattress box and faceplate alongside and make a hole to pass the cable through to that. You can always surface mount then (don’t need much depth for RJ45, I have double sockets in 16mm boxes), or recess with more effort/money.

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