Ultrasonic water flow meter (cheapest I've seen)

Hello everyone,
been looking for some water flow meter, after being completely amused by my aeotec power meter :slight_smile:

stumbled upon this one:

same thing 141USD on amazon
Usually those ultrasonic devices are for professional use and cost 500-1000USD so this looks very well priced for a plug and play wifi device.

The thing I like the most is the ultrasonic part, meaning you dont have to cut pipes (or get plumber to install it). You just click the clamp around the pipe, in the same way you would install those magnetic clamps around mains power line, as I did with aeotec power meter…

Any thoughts? Anyone using this device? it has wifi and mobile app, but would be cool to have it integrated in openhab as well…

A buddy of mine has this, and we’ve talked on and off aboutt it. I personaly not a fan of WiFi devices that don’t have a local 100% offline API’s. He has been happy with the performance on a whole. He wishes the raw data could be exposed to use for your own use, you are limited to the basic reports they offer. Small leak detection doesn’t work reliably with things like inline humidifiers, and auto-filling water bowls. But the price is reasonable.

right, if you cannot hack it into local use with openhab, then its not interesting to me as well.
Where would we end up if we used proprietary android app for each and every device :slight_smile:

for some devices like xiaomi stuff, or tplink smart plugs, good people of the internet have reverse engineered them and provided info how to trick them into local use and ignore the cloud…

I just use a reed switch (which is connected to a nodemcu) on my water meter. This was only €10 or less. The water meter gives a pulse every 10l.