Unable to access samba shares on Openhab3 install

I am having problems accessing the samba shares for a new install of Openhab3 using openhabian. I have set and reset the samba shares password in the openhabian menu but I still can’t gain access to them. I’m thinking I’m not using the the right user name. Is there somewhere I can find what user name its looking for. I’ve used openhabian, openhab, my name. Nothing seems to work. Can I reset the user name in the openhabian menu somehow? Thanks for any help.

Default is:
User: openhabian
Pw: openhabian

I am able to connect via the credentials.

menu entry 34.

The default user password combination is openhabian, that’s correct. But both can be changed and openhabian-config checks if the default password is being used. It asks you to change the password.

Thanks for the help. I was trying those passwords all day and they weren’t working. Then I went to work and when I came back I noticed my computer had rebooted. Not sure if it did a update or what. But when I clicked on the OpenHAB3 share it went right in. I didn’t even enter the password.