Unable to add NESTED locations in Semantic Model - using OH3.0.2

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel NUC 8i5
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS using KVM running OH in VM
    • openHAB version: 3.0.2 - Release Build

I did a sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade -y and it automatically updated OH to openhab (3.0.2).

I can no longer can add nested locations when I have SELECTED a location… as there is no Add to Model table on the right side. This is with nothing SELECTED.

Once I SELECT my main location (CasaPaloma) expecting to add Front Yard UNDER it… the ability to Add Location under it is not there anymore (it was there in OH3.0.1 for me)

I dont know what is wrong… and unable to continue building model… any ideas?

Your Location Items are of type Location. A Location Item is an Item that holds a latitude,longitude coordinate. All Locations and Equipment Items in the model must be a Group type Item.

It is unlikely this ever worked in any version of OH 3 because only a Group can be have other Items positioned inside them in the model (or anywhere else for that matter).

Thank You, Rich. You always are so helpful, year after year.

FYI, the OP probably made the same assumption I did. This diagram in the tutorial on openHAB.org shows the names “Indoor”, “Ground Floor”, etc. in the Locations column. It then asks you to create a Location in the Model. That picture then shows an item on the left with “Location” under it and on the right a label of “Ground Floor”. The instructions then say to add a group and call it “Ground Floor”. Natural assumption… Ground Floor is a Location… so I’m just adding one item. Anyway, I hope someone can clear up the instructions for the next poor person who runs across this. Thanks for the fix!

From: https://www.openhab.org/docs/tutorial/model.html

We’ll need some advice on how to fix it then I think. It does say up front:

  • A Location is a Group Item that can contain sub-Locations, Equipment, and Points, and represents a physical location (building, room, etc.).

Nowhere on that page where the term “Location” is used does it mean an Item of type Location (i.e. holds a lat/long coordinate). In the model a Location Item is always a Group with one of the Location tags applied.

That picture shows the three types of tags applied to Items. “Ground Floor” is a tag. “Ground Floor” is a “Location” tag.

That picture also shows, as described an

Example of an advanced model

It shows one Group Item with an Indoor tag. It shows a second Group Item with the House tag that is a member of the Indoor Group. It shows a third Group with the Ground Floor tag which is a member of the House tagged Group Item. From there it shows an Equipment Group Item and three Point tagged Items. Note that there are not Item names or types shown on this diagram, only the tags.

This should all be explained in the text following the diagram.

It should be further reinforced in the “Building the Locations Model”. The screenshots always show the Item type as of type Group, never of type Location.

Anyway, we are always open to ideas for how to make it more clear. Unfortunately though, to us it’s already clear so we’re not in a position to fix it.