Unable to add new device to myopenhab.org

I just upgraded my phone, and I suddenly noticed I can not add this new device to myopenhab.org

I followed all the steps in the documentation, e.g. used the correct remote URL, without 443, without trailing / . Used the correct userid/pwd combo. Cleared the local URL field as well. I have no need to remotely access my OH instance, only receive notifications

In only get a “bad URL” response in the iOS app. App v is 2.4.56

I have seen similar threads in the past, hence opening a new one, as they all seemed to have stalled without solution

Any idea what is going on?

I’m using the url with the trailing / successfully. But that’s with the Android app. I don’t know if the iOS app is different in that regard.

I’ve moved this post to a more appropriate category.