Unable to change permissions gcal

in the log the service starts:
"Google Calendar Event Downloader has been started"
but immediately after these warnings:
“unable to change permissions for everybody: C: \ openHAB2 \ userdata \ gcal”
"unable to change permissions for owner: C: \ openHAB2 \ userdata \ gcal"
what could be the cause?
I followed the installation procedure twice but it does not work, the event create in the calendar not trigger the item

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I have the exact same problem. Been googling for a solution on and off for months and have found nothing.
The functionality of the calendar plugin is fine as everything works as expected but I would like to prevent these warning in the log and understand the cause.
This is still an issue even in the latest OpenHAB v2.2 release.

another user told me that it does not create problems, he also gave me a link where the reason was explained, but at the moment I do not remember, I’m sorry.

Found it:

Looks like the implementation assumed everyone would be running Linux and us Windows users are stuck with this error in the logs.