Unable to change uuid and secret

Hello, in my openhab cloud account I try to register but it says the uuid is already in use in another account so as usual I change the last digit of uuid and it work. But in order to connect to the openhab my home server, I changed the uuid back to my own but it says it’s updated but it sows the old one instead.
I really appreciated if any one walk through me with the problem.

not sure what exactly you’re doing…but maybe try this:

  1. uninstall openhab cloud connector via paper ui
  2. make sure, the 2 files uuid and secret are deleted. if not, delete them manually
  3. reinstall openhab cloud connector
  4. investegate the 2 files, open with “notepad” (or other editor)
  5. sign into your openhab cloud account
  6. c/p the content of your 2 files into your openhab account. do not change anything on your files!

hope this resolve the issue

Do you run your own openhab-cloud instance or do you use myopenhab.org ?

In my case, it was Lastpass password manager that fooled me…
Even though its vault showed only username and password fields stored for myopenhab.org, it also must have saved uuid field also, because uuid seemed to revert back to its old value. Deleting myopenhab.org from Lastpass solved this at once.

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