Unable to connect Netatmo API : Not Found


I have setup OH3.2 and Influx&Grafana.

I have 2 Netatmo main modules with several indoor modules, an outdoor, wind and rain sensor. I included them all in the OH installation. Of course for that I had to setup an “Netatmo app” at dev.netatmo.com to get client ID and client secret for the setup in OH. everything worked.

Now I get the following error message and most, but not all sensors don’t send any values anymore.

In the OH event logger I see exactly every 2 minutes the following event:

2022-01-09 22:11:46.263 [ERROR] [nternal.handler.NetatmoDeviceHandler] - Unable to connect Netatmo API : Not Found

In the THINGS list the following error is shown:

BTW, it is very strange: from this main module (“Arbeitszimmer”) still information is sent from the rain sensor. The only other module that still sends data is one that is connected to the second main module. However, the other sensors of the second main module also don’t send data. So in summary I have out of 8 active modules, only 2 that send data. One that is connected to the main module “Arbeitszimmer” that shows this error, the other one to the second main module.

What I have done already:

  • defined new client ID and client security codes
  • removed and setup the Netatmo API THING
  • removed and setup the Netatmo Arbeitszimmer THING

Nothing helped.

Any idea what is wrong?

I want to mention that I have quite some problems with Influx and Grafana, but this is working now also again. Enclosed a screenshot where you see data being collected (pls note that only “Schlafzimmer” is a Netatmo Sensor, the others are HUE sensors).

Settings of installation below:

  version: 3.2.0
  buildString: Release Build
locale: de-AT
  configFolder: /etc/openhab
  userdataFolder: /var/lib/openhab
  logFolder: /var/log/openhab
  javaVersion: 11.0.13
  javaVendor: Azul Systems, Inc.
  javaVendorVersion: Zulu11.52+13-CA
  osName: Linux
  osVersion: 5.10.63-v7l+
  osArchitecture: arm
  availableProcessors: 4
  freeMemory: 48620872
  totalMemory: 194772992
  - coronastats
  - fronius
  - hue
  - netatmo
  - network
  - systeminfo
    ios: false
    android: false
    androidChrome: false
    desktop: true
    iphone: false
    ipod: false
    ipad: false
    edge: false
    ie: false
    firefox: false
    macos: true
    windows: false
    cordova: false
    phonegap: false
    electron: false
    nwjs: false
    webView: false
    webview: false
    standalone: false
    os: macos
    pixelRatio: 2
    prefersColorScheme: light
  isSecureContext: false
  locationbarVisible: true
  menubarVisible: true
    cookieEnabled: true
    deviceMemory: N/A
    hardwareConcurrency: N/A
    language: de-DE
      - de-DE
    onLine: true
    platform: MacIntel
    width: 1512
    height: 982
    colorDepth: 24
    touch: false
    pointerEvents: true
    observer: true
    passiveListener: true
    gestures: false
    intersectionObserver: true
    dark: light
    filled: true
    pageTransitionAnimation: default
    bars: filled
    homeNavbar: default
    homeBackground: default
    expandableCardAnimation: default
  userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15
    (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/15.1 Safari/605.1.15
timestamp: 2022-01-09T21:44:38.785Z