Unable to connect Yamaha WX-051 or WX-021

Since OpenHAB 3 it is unfortunately no longer possible to connect the Yamaha streaming speaker MusicCast 50 (WX-051 or WX-021). The devices are found automatically, but after creating a ‘thing’, a ‘communication error’ appears. Any Yamaha RX or WXA receiver works properly. What could it be?

Hi Manfred, welcome.
You could have a look at https://community.openhab.org/t/yamaha-musiccast-binding-revival/57833
This binding is based on the Musiccast protocol which is in use by the newer models of Yamaha.
It will become available with OH3.3 if I’m not mistaken.
To answer your question : the only thing I could think of is that the old protocol is not working with these models. But I’m not sure.

Hi Lennert, thanks for your information, will wait for the next update :slight_smile: