Unable to create new binding for 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Is it possible that the script create_openhab_binding_skeleton.sh is not yet adapter to the 4.1-SNAPSHOT

I tried to create a new binding, imported it and got errors on pom.xml, because it refers to 4.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 4.1, which is also displayed by the script

Confirm properties configuration:
vendorName: openHAB
namespace: org.openhab
author: Markus Michels
githubUser: markus7017
bindingId: bkuetooth.bthome
bindingIdCamelCase: Bkuetooth.BTHome
startYear: 2010
groupId: org.openhab.binding
artifactId: org.openhab.binding.bkuetooth.bthome
version: 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
package: org.openhab.binding.bkuetooth.bthome

and the .sh file specifies “openHABVersion=4.0.0-SNAPSHOT”.

Shouldn’t that point to 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT?

Yes it would be nice if someone finds some time to update it. :slight_smile:

Is this just changing the version number?

Yes and also in the .cmd file. :slight_smile:

You can use this PR for inspiration: