Unable to delete a script

In my ui scripts list, one of them reports the odd state “ERROR:HANDLER” and, when I try to delete it a popup tells “An error occurs while deleting: OK”.
What is the way to actualy delete it ?

Can you edit it ? E.g. edit it; and try to delete it then ?

When I see weird errors like this the first thing I do is restart OH and try again. It doesn’t always work but sometimes it clears things up.

Then try @Wolfgang_S’s suggestion.

Finally, if all else fails, stop OH and edit the JSONDB file manually.

I’ll not I’ve never seen this error for a rule. It’s always a Thing I have problems like these and it happens so rarely I’ve not been able to gather enough info to file an issue.

After numerous attempts, I decided to edit the JSON database, and that allowed me to get everything in order. Thank you.