Unable to delete linked items under thing

I have the following problem:

under control in Paper UI I see that there are some controls doubled. I found teh information that this was maybe caused by the simple mode. So i opened things -> channel in paper UI and tried to delete the wrong linked item:

But I just get the information: ERROR: 405 - Method Not Allowed

Can someone help?

Did you disable simple mode?
If you disable simple mode tou should be able to delete the Items from the Item list.

Yes I disabled simple mode but still get the same message. If I add a link I can delete it without problems. But the existing links can not be modified.

Now I cut out all items in my items file and saved it. After that I pasted everything in again and saved it. Now all unwished links are gone.
During I edited my file I copied a item and modified it. Maybe that was the problem. But I don´t know why because now I didn´t changed anything I just deleted it and added it again.

Maybe someone here can explain it to me.

You cannot edit those from PaperUI, you get 405 if you try. (because PaperUI does not go and edit the files they came from)

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Ok but I still don´t understand why the links disappeared after I cut all and saved the file and put the same back inside and stored again. I did not changed one blank in the file and now it´s fine.

The simple rule is:

  1. If you add an item in an .item file that’s where you delete it.
  2. If you add an item in the Paper UI, that’s where you delete it.

Nothing more, nothing else

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  1. If an Item is added in simple mode you delete it in the Paper UI.

Fine. Items created in Paper UI or via simple mode have to be deleted in UI and items created via *.items file have to be delted in this file.

But why some of my items have been linked to other ones? I just deleted my *.items file and replaced it with the same like before. Normaly I would say all must be the same like before but the links between the items are gone now.

Simple mode would have created some links for you. Can’t say much else, with no example of your Items or what you were expecting to happen. Do you link your file-defined Items in file also? It is possible (but probably unwise) to use PaperUI to create links for file-defined Items.

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