Unable to disable a running SUC!

After a re-install (using openHABian - brilliant. Thanks to @ThomDietrich et al) I am mostly up and running again, but now get an error from Z-Wave “Unable to disable a running SUC!”

I’m using an Aeotec Z-Stick Series 2, and the SUC was OK before the re-install.
Any advice on how to mend it. Will a soft reset work? I’m scared to just try things as I’ve spent soooo long setting it all up.

I’m not sure it’s possible to disable the SUC once it’s running (hence the error). If you want to use the same configuration as before, which presumably had SUC enabled, then I’d suggest to enable SUC and the error will go away and you will have the same configuration as you had before.

So simple!. Thanks.
I hadn’t thought to look again into the advanced settings. The ‘Controller is SUC’ was set to No. I had wrongly assumed that binding would read the setting from the stick.

I guess the binding could read back the state from the stick, but then it wouldn’t be something you could change to enable it…