Unable to find power read channel on Tasmota smart plug (Nous a1t)

I connected a tasmota based smart plug via mqtt to openhab and the commands work. I don’t know how to read the current power output. I don’t know what channel to use.
I use

mosquitto_pub -h -m "off" -t cmnd/tasmotaPlug2/power -d

which works.
I try something like

mosquitto_pub -h -m "" -t stats/tasmotaPlug2/power -d
mosquitto_pub -h -m "" -t tele/tasmotaPlug2/power -d

But no success. The Tasmota web page shows the value, but where do I get to know the channel name?


MQTT Port	1883
MQTT User	tasmotaPlug2
MQTT Client	DVES_179674
MQTT Topic	tasmotaPlug2
MQTT Group Topic 1	cmnd/tasmotas/
MQTT Full Topic	cmnd/tasmotaPlug2/
MQTT Fallback Topic	cmnd/DVES_179674_fb/
MQTT No Retain	Disabled

Maybe use an mqtt client like http://mqtt-explorer.com/ to view available payload

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It appears to be tele/tasmotaPlug1/SENSOR. The mqtt explorer shows values for that:

  "Time": "2022-12-29T13:33:47",
  "ENERGY": {
    "TotalStartTime": "2022-12-28T20:51:52",
    "Total": 0.074,
    "Yesterday": 0.058,
    "Today": 0.016,
    "Period": 0,
    "Power": 1,
    "ApparentPower": 3,
    "ReactivePower": 3,
    "Factor": 0.32,
    "Voltage": 230,
    "Current": 0.015

But shouldn’t I be able to read those values, maybe with:

mosquitto_sub -h -t tele/tasmotaPlug2/sensor

Anyway, thanks a lot!

Don’t mix up your plug1 and plug2

copy paste error.

Also the topics are maybe case sensitive :thinking:

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They definitely are. It’s SENSOR in capitals.

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Thanks @all

mosquitto_sub -h -t tele/tasmotaPlug2/SENSOR

works. And yes, it is case sensetive.