Unable to install a bundle : no way to get any detailled reason


I am using the latest openhabian version installed on a raspberry PI without any modification.

I would like to install a new binding (actually it is a modified version of an existing one).
I am using the karaf console (bundle:install file:///var/tmp/mybinding.jar) and the only
output I get is :
Unable to install bundle file … : org.osgi.framework.BundleException : Error occurred installing a bundle

(doing the same with a trivial bundle works)

I searched the logs but there is nothing, I tried to enable all the logging levels but I am unable to get any reason for this error.

I tried also to put it in /usr/share/openhab2/addons but nothing happened.

I would like to get some hints how I could debug this issue : what means this error message ?
how can i get more info about the bundle install process ?


Actually I found my self the answer : my jar file was corrupted due to incorrect file transfer options.
However this message is still very general and unclear.

Hi! What did you do to transfer the file correctly? I get the same error message.