Unable to link a Channel to a Thing - Paper UI

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: ESXI VM, 4 Cores, 4GB RAM
    • OS: Ubuntu 18
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2.5.8

I am unable to link a channel “powerState” from an Alexa enabled plug switch. The issue is I cannot select a profile in the Paper UI per the screenshot below. If anybody has any suggestions it would be welcomed.

What profile do you need for this?

Try just selecting the Item and if you need a profile, go back to the Channel and you can click on the link which will take you to a screen where you can set a profile, if you need one. Most of the time you don’t.

I just need default profile. Without that it won’t create item. I’ve never seen this before, tried restarting openhab, reboot, deleting, re adding. It will create item if using Simple but the naming is not good and can’t assign groups etc.

I have the same issue. My OH is running on a Synology NAS device with version 2.5 Paper ui. I tried to link a switch item to a MQTT broker thing’s channel but the same shows up! I tried to restart the device, switch to another browser but nothing worked. Also simple mode doesn’t work for me. It’s just not able to create an item.

The MQTT Broker Thing is acting a bridge between MQTT and openhab. You wouldneed to create another MQTT Thing which uses thebridge (MQTT Broker Thing). Only this MQTT Thing should have channels!

A slight correct. Channels that link to Items indeed should not be added to the MQTT Broker Thing. However, if you want event trigger channels (i.e. Channels that directly trigger a rule instead of being linked to an Item, you would add those types of triggers to the MQTT Broker Thing.

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