Unable to locate package

Apologies in advance for the NOOB questions! I have OpenHAB installed on my RPi3 and can view the demo site map just fine.

I’ve downloaded the addons (and can see them in /opt/openhab/addons), but when I enter the command below, I get an unable to locate package. I must be missing a step, but I don’t know where to go next.

sudo apt-get install openhab-addon-binding-hue

I then get:
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package openhab-addon-binding-hue

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

If you type

sudo apt-cache search openhab

do you get a list of all available bindings? If so, is the hue binding in the list?

If you have a folder structure beginning with /opt/openhab you probably did a manual install, not an apt-get install.
In this case, you cannot install bindings with apt-get, you just copy them to your addons folder.

Most hints in this forum are targeted to an apt-get install, only a few use a manual install.
You might want to think about changing to an apt-get install.

Just delete the folder openhab in your /opt folder and start from scratch:


@jaydee73 - No, it doesn’t return anything when I type that in.

That is because you did a manual install … apt-get can’t list any packages because you don’t have an apt-get install!

@sihui - Thank you! I followed your suggestion and was able to add the packages.

Thanks for your help and the link!