Unable to login SSH oh2

I’m running openhabian 1.5 but can’t login using openhabian/openhabian with SSH. I’m almost certain I haven’t changed the password. Any ideas or options for recovery please. I’ve only been using openhabian for a couple of months, was using on windows server since version 1.3 I think…

In case you do not know the password for any user account esp. a user account that has sudo privileges you need either ( a list of things to check; not all are available on an openhabian default system but in case you changed something on your system it may work )
a) to do a reinstall
b) you could mount the SD card on an other linux system and change the password in the /etc/shadow file
c) on PC systems it is normally possible to boot into single user mode and do something like editing files as root. I do not know if it is possible to boot into single user mode for openhabian
d) in case you have access via samba and openhab user is member of the sudo group it could be possible that you can create a rule to manipulate the shadow file and/or to get a root shell; per default openhab is not member of the sudo group but openhabian is. As the system runs with openhab privileges it is not of help that openhabian ismember of the sudo group.
e) in case your imported a public key of any other user into the authorized_keys file of root ( which is not the default ) then you could get a root shell

I can only assume i changed the password after a bottle of wine.

Sorted now, thanks :slight_smile: